"Gourmet" Topping Options For Restaurants Offering Customized Pizza

Posted on: 4 January 2022

These days, customers are all about customization. Pizza is a food that has come customized for quite a while. If you open a pizzeria, it is understood that customers are going to choose their toppings. But lately, customers have begun to expect more than the standard pepperoni, sausage, and mushroom toppings. If you really want to succeed in the pizza business, offering even more customization options is key. So, what are some gourmet toppings you might want to include on such a menu?

High-End Cured Meats

It's typical to offer pepperoni, sausage, and perhaps shredded beef and chicken as meat topping options. But in a fully custom pizza shop, you're going to want some higher-end, cured meats, too. Prosciutto is a good one. Customers will enjoy pairing it with lighter toppings like pineapple and feta. Spek, a smoked, cured ham, is another good choice. Mortadella, which is a large, round, Italian sausage, is also great. Other options to consider include bresaola, salumi, and coppa.


Pineapple is sometimes served on pizza, but it's not just about the only fruit option you'll find on a typical pizza menu. At a gourmet pizza shop, that needs to change! Peaches deserve a spot on your menu. They're incredible when paired with prosciutto on a pizza. You could also offer thinly sliced apple, and maybe also pears.


Most pizza shops already have a long list of classic veggie toppings, including several types of peppers, onions, mushrooms, olives, and broccoli. Keep all of these classic options around, as they allow customers to add variety. But also consider including some less-popular veggies like asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and heirloom tomatoes. Artichoke hearts and avocado also deserve a spot on the menu.


Most pizza shops do not offer seafood toppings, other than perhaps anchovies. But at a gourmet, fully custom pizza shop, having seafood options will really set you apart. Shrimp are an obvious choice. You can marinate them for a few hours beforehand so they have lots of flavors. Crabmeat, smoked salmon, and white clams are other good choices. You may have to charge extra for seafood toppings, but they're still great to include.

If you're opening a pizza shop that's going to offer more customization than usual, then you must make sure your toppings list is up to the challenge. Consider the fruits, veggies, seafood, and meats mentioned above as you make your plans.

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