4 Important Tips For Catering A Big Event

Posted on: 30 July 2021

When you put on a big event, you want to ensure that everyone is properly fed. If you want your event to be really spectacular, you will want to ensure that you have memorable food to serve at your event. Great food can take your event to the next level.

#1: Learn About Your Venue

Before you book your catering service, you need to learn about your venue and what type of access a catering service will have to the resources they need. Some venues have a kitchen that the catering staff can access and use. Other venues may not allow the catering staff to use the venue or restrict access to outside catering services, allowing them to use certain parts of the kitchen.

You need to also know what type of tables and chairs there will be for the catering staff to set up their food on. Find out how your venue treats catering services, so you can find a catering service that can work within those parameters.

#2: Choose What Service Level You Want

Second, you will want to choose what service level you want and need from a catering service. Do you need someone just to prepare the food? Do you need them to set up a buffet? Do you need them to provide wait staff to serve the food?

What level of service you need very much depends upon the type of event that you are holding. If you are holding a formal event, you need wait staff. If you are holding a slightly more casual event or are looking to save money, a buffet is a better option.

#3: Always Go Over on Your Headcount

Third, you don't ever want to hold an event and not be able to feed everyone. That is why when you are in doubt, you should always overestimate instead of underestimating your headcount. Let the catering company know the general headcount far in advance, and then give them a more accurate headcount closer to the event. You can donate or take home the extra food; you can't make it up for not having enough food to feed everyone.

#4: Remember Drinks

Fourth, it is essential to remember to add drinks to your event. Some catering services will provide drinks, and others don't. You are going to want to offer a wide range of drinks to accommodate all guests. You are going to want to offer water and other nonalcoholic beverages. You may also want to offer alcoholic beverages as well.

When it comes to throwing a big event, you will want to hire a catering company in your area. You will want to find out about venue restrictions, so you can find a catering company that can work in the space. You should also go overboard with your headcount and remember to account for drinks as well.