Why Should You Open an Event Catering Business?

Posted on: 23 April 2021

Event catering is a potentially lucrative career choice that can help you feel like you're not just making money in the food industry, but able to serve patrons in the best way possible. What makes event catering different than operating a traditional restaurant is this: when you own a catering business, you go to your customers and serve them in a more personal way.

If you already own a restaurant, expand your business and start doing event catering as well. If you are new to the food industry and hospitality in general and want to know what you should focus on, consider catering before anything else. Here's why.

1. You can fill a needed niche in your industry

How many restaurants in your area can you count? By contrast, how many can you count that are also doing event catering, or how many catering businesses can you count in general? Odds are, there are many restaurants and few catering businesses, which can be enough to show you that there's a niche that needs to be filled.

Pick a niche that is needed in the hospitality industry and one you are comfortable with, and start organizing your event catering business. Once you have found your niche where you can confidently shine, you can begin serving your community.

2. You can be more versatile in how you serve customers

Event catering companies can do many things to serve their customers. They can have a main establishment where they can host weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, retirement bashes, and more. They can also simply have a mobile service where they go to their customers, helping people have a great time without having to worry about decorating, setup, food, and serving their guests.

You can be as versatile with your event catering as you want, so if you want your main focus to be decor with a smaller emphasis on food, that's fine. If you want to be more food-based with a BBQ catering service or other types of catering, you can do this as well. Or, you can have a healthy mix of both and be able to serve a wide variety of patrons.

You can easily branch out catering from your main restaurant if you want another source of income, or you can start your event catering business from scratch. Your efforts can be rewarded with booked out dates and profits you can reinvest into your business over time. Create a business plan before getting started so you can stay on track with your venture.