Pros And Cons Of Offering A Pizza Challenge At Your Pizza Restaurant

Posted on: 29 May 2018

If you run a pizza restaurant and you're looking for a catchy marketing idea, offering a pizza challenge might be an idea that you wish to consider. The only limits to such a challenge are your imagination. You might think of making an enormous pizza or an extremely spicy one, for example, and like all challenges, the competitor must finish the meal in a certain amount of time to win. You might hang the winners' photos on the wall or give them free T-shirts as prizes. Before you set up such a competition, there are some pros and cons to weigh.

Pro: It Can Attract More Patrons

Having an eating challenge at your pizza restaurant can definitely attract more patrons. If you're looking for a way to get more people in the door, a challenge can deliver. Additionally, your challenge may get some exposure in the local media, as well as on patrons' social media accounts — all of which can encourage more people to come through your doors.

Con: It May Lead To Food Wastage

You have to accept that many of the people who take your pizza challenge won't be able to finish the meal within the allotted about of time. This means that the food that is left on the plate will often get wasted. If you're highly conscientious about food wastage, you might not feel comfortable with the idea of wasting food after many of the challenges.

Pro: It Could Have A Charitable Component

Many restaurants that launch eating challenges tie the challenge in with some manner of charitable donation. For example, if you have an enormous pizza that some patrons will buy and attempt to eat, you can donate a percentage of the cost of the pizza to a local charity. Tying the campaign in with a food-based charity, such as one that provides meals for the poor, can be ideal — and also make you feel better about the wastage.

Con: It May Bother Other Patrons

While there are lots of people who get excited about eating challenges, not everyone feels this way. Those who partake in these challenges tend to be younger, and the challenges can get a little rambunctious. If you have older patrons, for example, they might not appreciate the boisterous scene is a group of college-aged students is trying the challenge. Once you've considered both the pros and cons of the eating contest, you can move forward accordingly.

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