3 Tips For Starting To Host Live Music At Your Bar

Posted on: 28 February 2018

While trying to come up with ways to please your current clientele and bring new customers into your bar, you may have decided you would like to start hosting live music. If so, use the following tips to turn this venture into a success.

Choose Music Your Customers Will Like

Before you start looking for a band to perform at your bar, think carefully about your current customer base or the theme of your bar. You want to choose music that your customers will like and that will fit in with the ambiance of your establishment.

For example, if you own a honky tonk bar that typically caters to lovers of country music, do not try to hire a band that plays rock or alternative. Your customers will most likely leave, and the band you hire will be extremely uncomfortable.

Find a band that already plays country music to fill in your spot. Or, if you have a younger crowd, southern rock with a country flair may be just the thing.

Schedule Live Music on Different Days

Once you have found a band, the next step is scheduling the times when you will feature live music. Until you find out if your customers will like the live music, select one night before adding more. This is what bars with live music, like Losers Bar & Grill, usually do when they start out.

The timing of the music depends on your goals, whether they be to liven up your current busy times or bring in customers on off-days. If you already have more than enough customers on Saturday night, for example, you may want to keep these regular customers happy with the music.

However, if you would also like to see busy nights during the week, schedule the live music for a Tuesday or Wednesday night. Especially the first few weeks, the unique draw of live music may up your sales during normally slow times.

Advertise the Show in Advance

After choosing a time to have a band perform in your bar, start advertising a few weeks in advance. If no one knows that you have live music, they will not show up except your regulars.

To get the word out, hang posters and flyers around your area. You may also want to take out an ad spot through your local newspaper or radio station to get the word out about your new offering, along with information about the band.

Using the above tips can help you make hosting live music at your bar a success. For more tips about choosing the right band or time for your music, speak with musicians and other bars featuring live music with which you have a working relationship to find out more details.