Planning A 50th Anniversary Party For Your Parents? Here Are Some Catering Ideas

Posted on: 8 September 2017

When your parents are fast approaching their 50th wedding anniversary, you and your siblings will likely be putting your heads together to throw a memorable party in their honor. One of the big decisions to make is which catering service to use — for large gatherings, it's far easier and less stressful on you and your siblings to have a caterer take care of feeding the group. While most catering services can offer a variety of food choices that will suit your needs and your budget, it can be fun to partner with a service that can execute these fun ideas:

Wedding Dinner Recreation

If you'll be having a sit-down dinner for the 50th wedding anniversary party, one creative idea is to have the catering service prepare and serve the same meal that your parents had at their wedding reception five decades earlier. Don't ask your parents about the meal outright, as doing so could arouse some suspicion. Instead, talk to your aunts and uncles who were in attendance at the wedding or look through your parents' wedding albums; in some cases, they'll have kept the wedding reception program, which may have outlined the menu. You can then share these details with your catering service to have it put together a similar meal.

Honeymoon Inspired

Another fun idea is to think about where your parents went for their honeymoon and work with the caterer to put together a meal for the party that reflects that trip. For example, if your folks visited France, see what French dishes the catering service can offer. If your parents didn't travel abroad for their honeymoon, you don't need to necessarily give up on this idea. Perhaps they went somewhere within the U.S. that is known for its fare — for a Maine honeymoon, for example, the caterer could offer seafood.

Your Parents' Favorites

Over the years, you'll get a sense of which dishes your parents enjoy eating the most. Come up with a list of their favorite appetizers, soups, salads, main courses, and desserts, and narrow it down to a list that will work for the gathering. Share this list with the catering service, and then come up with a plan for your party. If it's a garden party with no formal sit-down meal, the catering service may be able to take a main course idea and turn it into an appetizer that can be served on small plates or napkins.

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