Hosting A Summer Bash To Remember With Custom Individual Pizzas

Posted on: 16 June 2017

Summer is the perfect time for parties, and if you're the parent of a teen, there's a good chance you'll be hosting at least a few. Before you spend a lot of unnecessary money on takeout or catering for your summer parties, consider an alternative approach. A pizza party where all of the kids can make individual pizzas is sure to be a hit, and if you don't want to heat up the oven, consider firing up the grill instead. Here are some tips to help you create a pizza party that'll be the talk of the summer.

Plan Ahead

Make the dough ahead of time so that it can rest and it's ready for the party. You'll typically get about 6 or 7 individual pizzas from each batch of pizza dough, so plan accordingly. You should also take time the night before or morning of the party to prep your toppings. This will save you a lot of time during the party when you're likely to have hungry teenagers eager to make their pizzas. If you want to make the actual pizza prep even faster, you can pre-bake the crusts partially so that they don't have to cook as long when it's time to serve.

Consider Dietary Restrictions

With so many food allergies and dietary concerns, you'll want to make sure you take time to prepare for any potential dietary issues that may arise. For example, if anyone who will be attending has celiac disease or is gluten intolerant, consider creating a few cauliflower crusts or make a batch of pizza dough with gluten free flour.

Offer three different sauces - a white sauce, a traditional pizza sauce, and a pesto sauce. That way, you've covered any potential dietary issues with nightshades, dairy, and the like. Offer a variety of vegetables and meats as well so that kids can opt for what fits their diets. Just make sure you use separate serving utensils for each ingredient so that there's no cross-contamination risk.

Save On Cleanup

Particularly if you opt to cook the pizzas on the grill, you'll have minimal cleanup to worry about. You can do all of the cooking outside without dirtying baking sheets, which is great for the after-party hours. The kids can even help with cleanup of the ingredients and other prep supplies.

With tips like these, you can create a great pizza party for your teens this summer. If you don't have the time or the expertise to do the pizzas on your own, talk with a local pizza shop like Vento's Pizza about doing custom pizzas and delivering them for you on the day of the party.