What to Look for When Buying a Used Commercial Refrigerator for Your Restaurant

Posted on: 30 March 2017

A commercial refrigerator is a large refrigeration unit designed to house a great number of items. A walk-in freezer is one kind of these systems as are a long cabinet line of fridges for commercial use. Buying a new commercial fridge can cost thousands of dollars and really cut into your restaurant's budget, especially if you are just starting out or you worry about going into debt.

Buying a used unit is an excellent way to get a quality piece of equipment at a more affordable price. Here are things to look for when buying a used commercial fridge.


There are many kinds of commercial refrigerators, from bakery display cases to blast coolers designed to cool foods fast. You will want to assess the needs your restaurant has for a cooling system for food. If you need a smaller refrigerator for your inventory, then you will want a reach-in fridge. If you need to keep a large supply of foods cold and another section for freezing meats and packaged goods, you will want a walk-in freezer. Measure the area you wish to have a fridge put in to help you decide which style will work best for your needs and provide the best fit.


You want to buy as new of a commercial refrigerator as possible. As these units age they begin to experience lower cooling abilities and random bursts of energy use. You want reliable service that will last you many years so you want to limit your search to either an older unit that has experienced low hours of actual operation or an appliance that is just a few years old. Always test a used commercial refrigerator prior to purchasing it so you can ensure that it is still working if you are buying an older unit that has not been in active use for several months.


One of the largest issues you may encounter in attempting to buy a used commercial refrigerator is the overall conditions of the units you are looking at. Most important are seals in good repair without tears, chips, or cracks as you don't want to have energy loss with a poor sealing fridge. You also want to check to make sure trays are securely in place and that the motor is in good repair and has been maintained. Make sure the bottoms of any fridges you look at are not experiencing rust or soft spots that can indicate water damage.

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