5 Successful Ways to Have a Valentine's Date at a Sports Bar

Posted on: 7 January 2016

When choosing a restaurant for a Valentine's Date, a sports bar may not seem like the most ideal choice, but many guys prefer the atmosphere and setting of a traditional restaurant. Instead of complaining or getting the date off to a bad start, you can transform the experience with a variety of tweaks and tips. Not only will this help please the man in your life, but it can lead to new traditions as a couple. Before choosing the best bar and grill in town, use the following five tips for a fun time celebrating Valentine's Day.

Booth Dining

The privacy and close quarters of a booth is an obvious choice for many couples on Valentine's Day dates, but there are ways to make the experience more intimate and fulfilling. One of the biggest distractions in a sports bar is the television. Instead of fighting for eye contact on the other side of the booth, choose to sit on the same side as your date. This way, you are sitting closer together and you can both watch the same television. This allows you to talk and communicate about the events that are on the TV without having to crank your neck or sit awkwardly.

Replace the eye contact with gentle touches, holding hands, or wrapping your arms around each other until the food arrives. Sitting on the same side also gives you more leg room to stretch and relax.

Shared Appetizers

A sports bar is known for a great selection of appetizers and meals like fries and chicken wings. Instead of ordering separate meals, sharing a delicious appetizer is a great way to connect and bond over food. Not only does this increase the connection between you and your date, but you can sneak in some extra hand touches while reaching for the food.

When ordering the appetizer, request two small plates so you can split it up and have something to eat over. By sharing an appetizer, you also don't have to worry about getting too messy. For example, when you both share a plate of buffalo chicken tenders, you will both make a mess with the sauce. Just have fun with it and even take things a step further by taking "messy face" selfies together.

Quieter Times

A Valentine's Day lunch doesn't seem as romantic as a dinner, but you can find plenty of quiet times to enjoy a meal in a sports bar. Try eating out for an early dinner. This is anywhere between four and six in the afternoon and early evening. It is likely before any big sports games and will offer a toned down atmosphere. As an alternative, you can also choose to have a Valentine's Day meal. Head to the sports bar after nine so the crowds have died down a little and you can still have your romantic night out.

It's also a good idea to check out daily sports schedules. This will help you determine how crowded the bar and grill will be during specific times. Along with national teams, it's also important to consider local college and high school sports that may be airing on television.

The Girl's Choice

When giving a man the privilege of enjoying Valentine's Day dinner at his favorite sports bar, you have a little leeway for compromise. Along with the dinner, you can add in an activity of your choice. For example, after dinner, you can select a movie to go and watch together. Another option is to select a nearby place for dessert. You can also look into places to go for a walk or to enjoy recreational activities like bowling. Making compromises is all about working together and if each person gives the other person a choice, then you can have an amazing date night.

Fantasy Sports Bonding

Turn a dinner at the sports bar into a lot more than just a meal. By signing up for a daily fantasy game, you and your date can select a sport and choose fantasy players for a daily competition. Not only can you bond over the activity, but you often have a chance to win prizes. Around Valentine's Day, you have option of creating fantasy teams for sports like the NBA and NHL. Depending on if you go on the actual holiday or not, you have the chance to go on your date during the Super Bowl or NFL playoffs. This helps expand your fantasy options.

You and your date can each have your own team for a little friendly competition, or you can work together to build a team. During the date, you can have fun watching the game, following the players, and discussing different sporting events.

Instead of going in blind, a little extra strategic planning can help you have the most successful date and a memorable Valentine's Day celebration.