Reasons That Goat Meat May Quickly Become A Favorite Of Yours

Posted on: 12 December 2019

Beef, pork, chicken, and fish are some protein staples of the North American diet, which means that you probably eat most or all of these proteins multiple times a month. When you get to experience the cuisine of other cultures, you'll often have the opportunity to try other sources of protein — including some that you perhaps haven't ever previously had. In Haitian restaurants, goat meat is one such protein. This type of meat is a staple of Haitian menus and appears in a number of dishes, including stews, fried dishes, and more. If you decide to order a goat dish, here are some reasons that this meat may quickly become a favorite of yours.

The Taste

Some sources of protein can lack flavor. Many people find that chicken isn't very flavorful on its own — which is a reason that cooks often use marinades, rubs, and sauces when they prepare poultry. You won't be able to make such a statement about goat, as this is a type of meat with a pronounced flavor. You'll likely notice strong aromas of the meat as your server places it on the table in front of you, and the taste will be noteworthy. Some goat dishes taste stronger than others, primarily due to the age of the animal.

The Tender Texture

If you decide to order a classic Haitian dish such as goat stew, you'll immediately pick up on the tenderness of the meat. It can take hours of cooking to get a batch of goat stew ready to serve; in this time, the meat's connective tissue will break down considerably, resulting in a finished product that is extremely tender. If you enjoy meat that is tender — often to the point that you can pull it apart with your fork — that is something that you're apt to encounter with a Haitian goat dish.

The Leanness

Many people are working to lose weight, maintain weight, or consume a healthy diet. If you belong to any of these groups, you might evaluate the health benefits of the proteins that you consume ahead of how they taste. A big benefit of eating goat at a Haitian restaurant is the leanness of this meat. This means that it's low in calories, which makes it a good choice for those who are careful about their weight. Given each of these benefits, you have plenty of reasons to give goat a chance during your next Haitian restaurant visit.

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